Lewandowski Vows the Crowd Netting the Ball Twice against Valladolid and Earning Xavi’s Praises

There used to be a time when FC Barcelona was considered bad news for any opposing team due to its strongest attacking trio. The trio had Neymar Jr., Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi who were considered the most formidable players to intercept in the world of football.

At that time, Barcelona was among the most favorite in terms of players and had a very strong presence in any league and season.

They were considered the toughest opponents against any team, especially, Real Madrid, the largest Spanish Football Club.

Each Player Cast his Own Spell

In the era before 2017, Barcelona had one of the strongest teams in the entire football roster. Each player in Barcelona cast their own spell but the strong spells were cast by the trio.

They were considered the best in their play and even surpassed the Manchester United trio that include Cristiano Ronaldo, Tevez, and Wayne Rooney.

The Spell Came to an End

However, the fans were saddened as they had to see their favorite players leave one by one. In 2017, Neymar Jr. was the first of the trio who decided to leave the club for good.

He was transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2017.

Later in 2020, Luis Suarez was dramatically struck out of Barcelona as he was told that he was too old for the club. Luis Suarez was sold by Barcelona to Atletico Madrid in 2020.

Following that year, Lionel Messi was also transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain due to a financial crisis at the club.

Robert Lewandowski has brought the Spell Back

Ever since the departure of the star players, the club has continued suffering. The biggest blow dealt to the club was the departure of Lionel Messi as the player had to leave unwillingly but he was bound by the club’s financial situation.

Following Lionel Messi’s departure, the leadership vanished from the club because someone with so much experience had left the club.

Finally, Xavi, the current Barcelona manager has been able to bring the spell back to the club in the form of Robert Lewandowski.

The former Bayern Munich star recently joined the club and except for his debut match, has been casting a very special spell on the team.

He has been scoring ever since he made his debut for the club.

Lewandowski’s Recent Performance and Xavi’s Praises

Barcelona’s recent match was against Real Valladolid, and the match’s result was 4-0, where Lewandowski scored 2 twice.

Following his performance and Barcelona’s victory against Valladolid, Xavi has praised his performance at the club. Xavi mentioned in an interview that Lewandowski is a surprising player, a natural leader, and someone, who was born to work flawlessly.

He stated that Lewandowski is happy at the club and that is what they want to keep intact. They have many watches to play together so it is best that he is in his full form and has strong morale.

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