What are the Essential Volleyball Training Aids Available in the Market?

Volleyball is a game that is loved by a huge number of sports lovers all over the world. It is popular in schools, colleges, national and international sports programs. A beginner who wants to acquire all the gaming techniques should consider buying volleyball training aids. There are too many reasons for investing in training aids. However, before getting into details it’s important to know little about the game and its rules. Anyone eager to buy top-quality training aids can visit www.acuspike.com which is well-reputed for selling the best training aids for volleyball. The game is suitable for playing indoors, and outdoors.

What is Volleyball?

It is one of the most exciting and popular sports across the world. The game was invented in 1895, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where it was played as an indoor game. However, the game has evolved in various disciplines across different surfaces worldwide. Anyone who got a sudden interest in volleyball will surely want to understand the rules of the games. It’s important to be familiar with the basics of the volleyball rules. Any volleyball lover whether they are a coach, player, fan, or athlete, must know the gaming rules.

What are the basic rules?

  1. The game is played by two teams, each containing six players. Three of them are placed on the front and the other three back on the back row.
  2. The volleyball rules allow a maximum of three hits per side which ensures a team is not taking an absurd number to get the ball over the net.
  3. The players are not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row without any hit in between. This rule makes sure that a player is not setting the ball up to their team to get a better hit.
  4. There is no objection to contacting the ball with any part of the body. But the player can’t catch, hold, or throw the ball.
  5. When two or more players contact the ball at the same time, either the player or the

What are the popular volleyball training aids?

The main techniques that a player needs to acquire for mating volleyball are – spiking, passing, serving, and hitting. Every skill needs different training aids which one can easily purchase from www.acuspike.com. Here are some of the popular volleyball training aids available in the market:

  1. Volleyball spike trainer: It is an important training aid designed to enhance the jumping, hitting arm swing technique, and better contact with the ball. They are perfect for practicing indoors or outdoors. It comes with a lathe hook and a flexible holder that one can adjust easily.
  2. Cord stretching volleyball trainer: It is all-in-one training equipment that comes with a pouch to hold the ball. There is also a waistband that the player needs to attach to the waist and hit the ball to a distance. The adjustable cord length is perfect for all. Become a pro in serving, passing, and setting with this unique training aid.
  3. Hand strap and knobs: It is a useful training aid that one can purchase from www.acuspike.com. The setting technique training aid comes with hand-adjustable straps with plastic knobs that fit the palm perfectly. The adjustable design makes them perfect to boost the effectiveness of the training. The loop fastener is located on the back and is made to adjust the tightness of the straps.
  4. Basketball hoop spike trainer: Anyone who is eager to improve their hitting technique without chasing the ball, can consider this volleyball training aid. It’s easily available on www.acuspike.com at an affordable price. One can easily adjust the height. It is light and durable with a buckle. Perfectly designed for hitting, controlling, and other spiking techniques.


There are certain facts to consider when choosing the volleyball training aids from www.acuspike.com. If anyone is a beginner, then they should purchase the training aids designed for beginners. Also, consider the area for practicing. With the help of the volleyball training aids, one can easily master all the techniques of the complex game. The games require lots of practice and hard work to succeed in the field.