Tips To Defeat Your Opponents Smartly In 9 Ball Pool

As the name suggests, 9 ball pool refers to a billiard board game involving nine numbered balls. The number follows the sequence of 1 to 9. Apart from this, you will also get one cue ball to pocket the others. There is no specific order to drop the balls. However, you need to ensure that the first ball to pocket bears the lowest number on the table. 

The rules of the 9 ball pool are not too tricky. However, you have to play cautiously if you want to bag more prizes. Play smart, and you can outpass your opponents quite easily. Some clever moves can save your board. Therefore, be ready to learn the strategies to win at every step. Enhance your skills by consulting with the experts online. The online pool game is far more exciting than the physical one. 

The Competition Begins Online

Do you want to ace the game of 9 ball pool online? Of course, it is possible. You will need just a little confidence and patience. Moreover, be familiar with the instructions for playing the game online. If the concept is clear, you will not face any issues while playing the match for real cash. 

At GetMega, you get enough chances to hit the jackpot by playing the GoPool with 9 balls. It is highly thrilling as you keep on pocketing the balls one by one. It is a new addition after the success of the 8 ball pool game. Therefore, you can get suitable players to accompany you during the online board games. The rules are almost the same that you face in the traditional boards. So, keep your phone ready to tap on the correct position. 

General Rules To Play 9 Ball Pool

Simple rules are always advantageous for beginners. Keep your equipment and set up ready to start playing. Going stepwise will be effortless for the newcomer. Moreover, the experts can also become happy by playing this fast-paced yet easy game. 

Take a look at all the rules at a glance and learn them quickly. In case of any doubt, you can always refer to the videos coming on the internet. Check the correct method to play the game of 9 ball pool.

  1. 9 Ball is a one-to-one game. Therefore, if the number of players is more, divide them into two teams. If you are playing online, specify the number of players at the beginning. It is recommendable that every player must possess the same level of skills while playing a match. 
  2. With a method called lagging, you can decide which team or player will take the first shot. 
  3. Next comes the positioning of the balls. Keep the nine numbered balls inside a rack placed like a diamond. Furthermore, you should keep all the balls at the centre. However, one ball will be out of the rack and near the shooter. It is the white cue ball. So, it is clear that you have to hit the balls with this one ball. 
  4. A player needs to take the legal shot for winning purposes. 
  5. The first ball coming in contact with the cue ball must bear the lowest number among all the balls present on the table. If a player takes the legal shot, that person gets the chance to stay on for a second shot. This player will continue to play unless he fouls or misses any shot. However, he can also clear the board and become the winner after pocketing the 9 ball. 

Important Tips To Win

To win the 9 ball pool game strategically, you can follow a few tips. 

  • Maintain proper alignment of the body
  • Practice swinging
  • Gripping the cue ball is important. Practice regularly to have a good grip
  • Focus on the shooting stance. It helps in better pocketing.

On exciting platforms like GetMega, you can get the chance to play 9 ball games smoothly and conveniently. If the rules are already known, the situation becomes clearer than the new ones.