Online slot machine myths vs the truth

The myths about online slot machines will still be seen even when playing on situs judi slot online resmi. The following are some of them:

Myth  Truth 
The online slot machines are known to be fixed by the casino to make sure that the house ends up winning The slots online have a house edge just like any other casino games and it does not mean that they are fixed
The odds are normally against you whenever you play the online slot games, but they will be against you irrespective of which game you will end up choosing to play. The simple fact is that, all the casino games do have a house edge meaning, the odds remain in the favor of the casino.  There is no need for fixing being done on any of the games as they are always going to make money in the long run. 

It does not mean that you will lose all the time. That will always be the outcome that is more likely but the online slot games are random and perfectly fair and thus, you will all the time stand a chance of winning if luck is on your side.

It is worth to note that, the average payout rate when it comes to the online slots happens to be higher everywhere as compared to the land based slots payouts.

To use the auto play feature ends to pay less as compared to spin button click each time The rate of payout when it comes to online slots doesn’t get affected by how the reels are spanned.
It is a myth which is the same as the one which relates to the land based machines where it is believed that when the lever is pulled, it gives out a better winning chance as compared to pushing the button  and it is incorrect