The Premier League, often referred to as the English Premier League or EPL outside of the United Kingdom, consists of 20 teams who play each other two times over the course of one period, when in your home and as soon as away, indicating each side plays 38 Premier Organization games per season. The season normally ranges from August to May.

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The team that completed with amongst the most points after 38 games come to be Premier League Champions. The two teams that complete in second as well as third qualify for amongst the most prestigious European club competitors, the Champions League, the adhering to season, with the Fourth location earning an area in the Champions League certification round.

The fifth side earns a place in the second of continental club competition, on Europa League, for complying with a period. Depending on the success of the clubs in the domestic in addition to continental competitions throughout the period, teams who finish as sixth and seventh can additionally qualify for a Europa League. Champions of the English cup compete for the FA Cup, as well as the League Cup, are assured areas in the Europa League, but if the winner of these Cups finishes in the top four of the Premier League, they get in the Champions League, as well as their Europa League is given to the next highest-finishing team that is not ensured an area in a European competition.


Placements 18, 19 as well as 20 make up what is called the “transfer zone.” The three sides that finish in these placements after their 38 matches are relegated to the second rate of English football, currently known as The Champion. Their places are taken by the two teams who end up Initial as well as Second in the Champion that period, and the victors of the Champion Play-Offs, contended for by the four sides that finish third to the sixth area in the division.


The EPL was developed in 1992 following the clubs contending in the EFD broke from the FL. This made the Premier League operating amongst the four expert English leagues as well as the Football League remaining to run the various other three. The top division became the EPL, the second division came to be Football League Department One, the third FLD Two, as well as the fourth FLD Three.