How do athletes get motivated by successful athletes?

All athletic effort and achievement are built on a foundation of motivation. All of the other mental variables, such as confidence, intensity, attention, and emotions, are meaningless unless you have a strong desire to improve your athletic performance. You must be driven to do all it takes to enhance your talent and achieve your goals to become the best athlete you can be.

In this article, we will discuss how do athletes get motivated by successful athletes?

Ideal role model

Being passionate about the sport you coach gives you a better sense of relatability with your athletes. Attending related events, engaging in the sport you coach, and supporting the industry positions you as a positive role model for your students. Your athletes hired you to help them improve as athletes, so it’s only natural that they expect their coach to be as invested and committed.

A good coach role model attempts to demonstrate compassion, moral bravery, humility, honor, respect, and integrity at all times. Also, especially in an online teaching environment, a good coach role model does not put unnecessary pressure on athletes. Athletes who believe they are being controlled may get demotivated as a result of too much pressure. Bribing is also not a good idea because once the benefits are gone, the athlete’s motivation is gone as well. San Diego BasedBilly Crafton is indeed a role model.

Sense of togetherness

When an athlete looks up to the successful athlete, he/she comes to know about the whole journey and the challenges being faced by the person. While knowing the failures and achievements of the successful athlete gives a sense of togetherness to the athlete that they can do it too and hence motivates them to work harder. The successful individual has lived by those words and has followed through on their promises. They understand what it takes to achieve because they have demonstrated that they are capable of doing it.


While looping up to the successful athletes, they give a piece of advice in their speech and it can be important to many people. They often talk about schedules, mistakes, ways to get better, etc and while paying attention to it, the person gets motivated as they may come to know what wrong they have been doing and can make certain alterations. Their advice can be trusted too as they have achieved things and have held their ground.

They offer helpful criticism

Inspirational people, as previously stated, avoid saying bad things and attempt to have a positive attitude toward others. People admire people who provide constructive critique when asked for. They tell the person about what they should hear rather than what they want to hear.

They are grateful for the assistance of others

Successful people are not afraid to ask for help, nor are they hesitant to do so. This requires modesty, as well as confidence and respect for the opinions of others. They always have a hand to deliver help. San Diego Based Billy Crafton is one such person.