Do Communities need Commercial Kid’s Playgrounds?

What most of us fail to acknowledge is how important playgrounds can be for kids. We normally vision them to be just any other ground that lets them spend some time outside. But there are some myriad benefits that community playgrounds bring with them. The playgrounds are known to help the kids develop diverse social skills like creativity, problem-solving, and reasoning skills, besides providing them with some essential experiences. These are far more relevant than any classroom learning and hence let us know the benefits in detail.

Playing improves motor skills

Outdoor play trigger motor skill development and that includes coordination, balance as well as agility. Physically active kids are more likely to enjoy activities like biking or swimming. With playing outside, the kids get the opportunity to freely run, jump, swing, and throw. With such varied stretching movements, their bodies get strengthened and the movements become more confident.

Improves overall health

A kid’s overall health is holistically improved through free play. They can maintain a healthy weight and reduce the instances of obesity. Also, kids must be allowed to play outdoors for longer to lower their body mass index. All of these can together help control cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, and sleep apnea. More exposure to the sun develops immunity well. Children with ADHD must be spending even more time out on the grounds.

Builds muscle strength

By utilising most of the play equipment present, a kid can develop their muscle build-up better than any other exercise can do. These repetitive and monotonous playground activities can also increase their core strength.

Better sleep quality

Kids who spend more time outside receive better sleep at night. They have a proper sleep cycle and can remain fresh all day long. Kids who are habituated with the play will develop irritation and frustration when are prevented from playing. Their stored energy finds a way to get burned out through play and that gets followed by a restful night’s sleep.

Better brain development

When the kids are free in their own space, they get empowered through their imagination and creativity. It pushes them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They learn to explore and cultivate their organizational and decision-making abilities. They also get to implement their thoughts, solutions, and ideas.

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