How Daniel Snyder Is Using His Influence for Good

Driven by community, generosity, and unity, Daniel Snyder has built a reputation as an altruistic businessman among peers and the global community. Known primarily for his charitable acts and industry savvy, Snyder’s most well-known as the owner of the Washington Football Team. When he purchased the team in 1999, Snyder’s childhood dreams came true. After all, he grew up watching games at FedExField, which gave rise to a deep-rooted and unwavering passion for football. Under his leadership, the Washington Football Team has proven an invaluable asset to the NFL franchise.

A year after acquiring the team, he launched the Washington Charitable Foundation. This foundation is devoted to making a positive and measurable impact on children, surrounding communities, and impoverished groups. More specifically, the Washington Charitable Foundation is keen to support education, health, and wellness efforts. Through in-school workshops and special events, the foundation has done just that. In 2019 alone, Snyder and his players promoted literacy development, instituted countless reading programs, and expanded numerous wellness initiatives.

More recently, the Washington Charitable Foundation installed laundry facilities in schools and organizations in the DMV area. Eager to give those in unstable living situations the resources they need, the Washington Charitable Foundation supplied over 80 institutions with laundry centers. Fortunately, Snyder’s efforts have gone beyond America’s borders. When the Caribbean endured substantial hardship following Hurricane Matthew, the Washington Charitable Foundation delivered emergency supplies to regions that were hit the hardest.

The same was done for Thailand and Indonesia when a tsunami devastated these countries in 2004. The Washington Charitable Foundation made such a lasting impact that other organizations were inspired to follow in its footsteps. The foundation continues to spark these promising ripple effects, demonstrating the significant role it plays in society. Snyder is equally committed to serving children, too. It’s for this reason that he’s provided ongoing support to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Children’s National Hospital.

With his involvement, the NCMEC has added a communications center to its operations. With the addition of the Snyder and Family Communications Center, the NCMEC is helping law enforcement place parents in touch with their missing children. Currently, Daniel Snyder is using his influence to bring awareness to racial inequality. When George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight, it sparked a much-needed conversation about deep-seated hate and prejudice.

In the hopes of contributing to this conversation, Snyder donated $250,000 to a grassroots effort that raises awareness about social injustice. Snyder is also lending a helping hand to COVID-19 relief efforts. When coronavirus first became a threat, Snyder used FedExField to set up testing sites. He also donated $100,000 to local food banks to combat food insecurity and provide for underprivileged families. When he’s not changing lives through the Washington Charitable Foundation, Snyder is making improvements to the Washington Football Team’s home stadium.

To enhance the fan experience, Daniel Snyder introduced new video displays, luxury suites, and play clocks to the field. Stadium gates, parking plans, and Wi-Fi connections were also upgraded. As a fan-oriented franchise owner, Snyder leaps at opportunities to amplify the viewing experience. Marketing and media are other realms Daniel Snyder’s versed in. In fact, he serves on several media committees and promotes the Washington Football Team on local broadcasting stations.

Alongside his philanthropic endeavors, Daniel Snyder is an astute businessman. He uses his vast expertise to inspire far-reaching change, which is why much of what he touches seems to turn to gold. Meanwhile, as Snyder continues to do good by community members and underserved groups, he’s deepening his philanthropic roots. These days, you’ll find Snyder living a comfortable, happy life with his wife in Maryland.

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