Free NBA Streaming in Italy – How to Break Through the Firewalls 

Sport is known for breaking down both physical and cultural barriers. For many years, cultures and communities across the world were guarded and highly selective about the types of sports they watched. For instance, it was hard to find basketball fans in Italy back in the 80s. Now, basketball is one of the biggest sports in the South European country. In this inter-connected world, fans deserve to watch whatever sport they want. Unfortunately, due to corporate greed, access to NBA games is still highly limited. Users from certain locations can’t stream NBA games legally for free. Naturally, these users are compelled to use illegal means. Illegal streaming websites contain a plethora of viruses and malware. So, users harm themselves by taking these routes. Here’s a better solution.

How to Stream Legally? 

For ardent basketball fans, the main streaming platforms are NBA-League-Pass and Sling-TV. These streaming platforms operate very simply. Connect to the platform, subscribe to specific plans, and watch all the NBA basketball content you want legally. However, these platforms are subject to geo-blockers or territorial limitations. Only users from specific regions (for example, the USA) can access this content. Thankfully, users can now use VPNs to jump through these restrictions legally.

Can VPNs Help You Stream NBA Content?

While operating on Virtual Private Networks, users can essentially change or mask their IP addresses. They can access content available to American audiences (NBA matches) by using American IP addresses on their VPNs. This method of NBA streaming is the safest. VPNs also mask user data so no one can track your online activities when you’re partnered with providers like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost VPN. No viruses, no reductions in the quality of the content, and no illegal actions – simply basketball fans exercising their right to privacy on the Internet and accessing geo-blocked content from legitimate streaming platforms!