Greatest Dirt Bikes Of The Decade

A dirt bike is a type of motorcycle specially designed to use on rough and terrain surfaces. It is usually a lightweight motorcycle for operation on unpaved surfaces. A dirt bike is also known by the name of off-road riding. Many companies around the world did that production of dirt bikes, and some of them are-


Dirt Bikes help the KTM to reach a higher level in pro motocross. The company first launched it in 2012. Its engine delivers one of the best-balanced power brands on the market. Unfortunately, this bike was too light and fast as per its design. Nevertheless, it has an impressive impact on dirt bike lovers that make it popular in the number of hours without needing a rebuild.

  1. YAMAHA YZ250F

The Yamaha YZ250F is four stokes racing motorcycle made by Yamaha. The model was sent off by Yamaha in 1974 which was still in update process. It has some feature like reversed cylinder head, fuel injection and chassis redesign which make it one of the most-fastest dirt bikes of the time. You can also find many more dirt bikes in the market. Make sure you are choosing the best one to have the best experience of riding.


Beta began to knock some people off back in 2007 when it began to sell its four-strokes engines with KTM. Beta was the first company to make Dirt Bikes with a four-stroke engine and gave better performance. The first model launched by beta was 350RR-S DUAL-SPORT which has a cylindrical bore and four strokes. This makes the engine more powerful, and its engine is supported by electronic fuel injection, which ensures smooth and timely delivery of fuel.


The Kawasaki KLR650 was firstly launched in 2018. A single-cylinder and cool liquid engine power this dirt bike. The new model of it also gets new fuel injection. This bike holds the record of the longest production runs ever because its cool design is loved by most bike riders, making it popular worldwide. The new model of this bike is still under processing and is expected to be launched in 2023.

  1. HONDA CRF450R

The Honda CRF450R is a four-stroke racing motocross bike built by the Honda motor company. But by 2017, Honda was at risk of becoming irrelevant because they had kept all outdated models. At this Honda, engineers thought of a plan to evaluate the format of the bike and turn it into a CRF450R bike. It’s a great bike that has won the best bike of the year in 2007 and 2008. This bike didn’t win the shootout of the year but because of the tight professional concentration.

  1. KTM 300XC-W

The KTM 300XC-W is a two-stroke bike that was launched in 2017. This is specially designed to tackle the toughest terrain. KTM has been continuously making development its models since its recent introduction. This bike was redesigned by counter-balancers and game-changing fuel injection, which makes him a type of ultimate setup.