RareBit Flag and Receiver: A Must-Have for Any Referee?

RareBit LLC has managed to successfully fund an innovative Flag and Receiver Paging System aimed at referees via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It has exceeded its funding target, showing the phenomenal amount of hype behind the product. But its it as good as it’s cracked up to me? The product involves digital communication devices that were designed to take the place of proprietary technology by providing affordable solutions that every referee can take advantage of. They were produced with both robustness and low price in mind. In addition to not burning a hole in your pocket, they have numerous features that allow referees to give their best performances. The flags are interchangeable between receivers, meaning that each device can be sold separately. They have a haptic buzz within the handle, a sleek, an ergonomic, intuitive design and non-slip grips with rotating flag shafts that prevent the flags’ cloth from unfurling and rolling up. The devices are weather-proof and also have reliable coverage. They have long-lasting rechargeable batteries that can be charged with ease using micro USB cables.

Whether these devices are a must-have for referees remains to be seen but one thing is for certain; they definitely seem to have a buzz behind them. For more information, you can check their site out at https://www.rarebitofficial.com/. They’re well worth a look!