Golf Courses In The USA That Deserves To Be On Your Bucket List

If we look at all the golf courses that span the world, America holds 45% of them. 4 major golf championships happen in a year globally and 3 of them are hosted in the USA. Therefore, it will be wise to say that USA has the best golf courses that you can visit in the world.

Also, the weather in many regions in America allows you to play golf all through the year without having to stress about the torrid winters that affect many other golf courses in the world especially the UK.

Golf reviews guide lists their take on the best golf courses to play in the United States and other regions across the world. They have categorized the golf courses based on the regions where they are located and made a well-reviewed and honest analysis on various golf courses that are open to players located in that particular region. You can also follow their social media profiles to get news regarding any upcoming golf events in your city.

List of 5 top golf courses in the USA

  • Pine Valley G.C.
  • Gorger Arthur Crump, a golf enthusiast has built this golf course in 1918 in New Jersey.
  • It still counts under the golf courses across the world that calls you for a very challenging play.
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links:
  • Located in San Francisco, this golf course is where every golfer wants to play at least once in his or her life.
  • With awestruck views of the coastline of Monterey Bay, this golf course also tops the list of most awaited golf tours around the world.
  • Established in 1919, this golf course is spread over a massive 7080 yards area.
  • Cypress Point Club:
  • A very picturesque private golf club overlooks Pebble Beach in California.
  • Established in 1928, this golf course provides a very challenging golf structure to golfers.
  • Pinehurst Resort:
  • This place is regarded as home for golfers in the USA.
  • While there are multiple courses in this resort, the No. 2 course has got the maximum admiration from the golfers.
  • It has hosted US Open and Ryder Cup championships multiple times.
  • With very tricky to play drop-offs and is very challenging even for world golf champions.
  • Augusta National:
  • Established in 1933, this golf course has its name among the prominent golf courses in the USA and even throughout the world.
  • Ever since it was established, it has been holding the Masters’ Tournament that is held annually.

While the top 5 list ends with this, we cannot leave the Sawgrass Marriott Golf course which is very popular among golfers because of its smart setup of bunkers and water hazards which ask you to play the sport more with tactics than just mere power.

The list of amazing golf courses in the USA is so long that it is impossible to cover every single one of them here. You can try to explore city-wise golf courses if you are planning to visit a particular location or if you are trying to buy a membership in the best golf course in your residing city in the US.