The Colorado Rockies are back on track

After a poor August and a rough first series against the Arizona Diamondbacks to start September last weekend, the Colorado Rockies have finally found their spark. They have won five of their past six, taking two of three from the San Francisco Giants and winning the first three games of the series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. After being only half a game above the Milwaukee Brewers in the Wild Card standings almost a week ago, the Rockies have stretched that lead to three games. While still being five games behind the red hot Diamondbacks for the first Wild Card spot, it’s safe to say the Rockies postseason outlook is looking a bit more positive and they now have some breathing room.

Even though the starting pitching hasn’t quite been as stellar as it could be, the batting is what was getting the Rockies wins earlier in the season and is helping them win games now. Players that were struggling before, like Carlos Gonzalez, have started to pick up the pace, adding to the top of the order fire power with Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado. Gonzalez isn’t only just batting better than he was before but has been the best hitter on the team over the past seven days with a .533/.632/1.133 and two home runs.

It’s not like the Rockies played against relatively weak starting pitchers either. They knocked around one of the games best pitchers, Clayton Kershaw, on Thursday, who’s final stat line for the night was 3.2 innings pitched with six hits and four earned runs. Adding onto that, Yu Darvish couldn’t figure the Rockies out Friday night, giving up five runs himself in 4.1 innings, and Alex Wood Saturday night gave up another five runs in five innings pitched.

One of the reasons the Rockies were having difficulty winning in August was because they would be close all throughout the game and then relievers would blow the game wide open towards the end, mostly because of the struggles of Derek Holland. However, even he seems to have found his groove as he has pitched in four of their five wins, giving up only one run, one hit, and no walks in four innings pitched. Everything seems to have clicked back to how it was earlier in the season.

With the Rockies hitting back to where it is, it’s safe to say it will stay like that for the rest of the season and they will be most likely playing that one game playoff against the Diamondbacks in Arizona. The four game series they have against the Diamondbacks next week will be extremely important for the team. Not only will they get the opportunity to chop away at the five game lead for the first Wild Card spot, but the fans will get to see if this Rockies team has a better chance to win the Wild Card game than they did the last time they played the Diamondbacks. The series won’t just help determine if the National League Wild Card game will be played at Chase Field or at Coors Field, but who will have the momentum going into the one game playoff.

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