Say Goodbye to David Pastrnak

According to NHL analyst Brian Lawton, it seems that there is a very real possibility that the Boston Bruins trade David Pastrnak away amidst the current contract negotiations between the two. While many fans in Boston are upset, it’s hardly surprising considering this is the same organization that traded away superstars Joe Thornton, Phil Kessel, and Tyler Seguin in the past 20 years. While many are upset about the prospect of trading Pastrnak, it might make sense for them to pull the trigger now.

The Boston Bruins are notable for trading away offensively-talented superstars for less than exciting returns. In 2005, the Boston Bruins traded center Joe Thornton away for Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau, and Brad Stuart. Although all three are serviceable NHL players, Joe Thornton was better than those three combined. Thornton has had a 1,000 point career and is playing good hockey at the age of 38. Primeau and Stuart were out of Boston after just two seasons, while Sturm played five relatively uneventful seasons in Boston. You would think a trade of this magnitude would teach the Bruins front office to avoid making the same mistake again, but you would be wrong.

In 2009, the Bruins made a trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs in which they sent the uber talented Phil Kessel to Toronto for a first and second round pick in 2010 and a first round pick in 2011. This trade looked bad at first, as the Bruins were giving up one of their premiere goal scorers for draft picks. The trade looked better when two of those draft picks turned out to be young superstars Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton. But now the trade looks bad again, as all three players selected with those draft picks are no longer members of the Bruins organization.

This naturally transitions to the most recent awful trade the Bruins made in 2013, which was sending Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley to the Dallas Stars for Loui Eriksson, Reilly Smith, Matt Fraser, and Joe Morrow. This was on the heels of the Bruins second trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in three seasons and right as Seguin was beginning to make his case to be the cornerstone of the organization for years to come. So naturally, the Bruins traded him away for four players that are all out of the organization just four years later.

With Kessel winning two Stanley Cups, Seguin already amassing 306 points in just four seasons with the Stars (while still only 25), and Joe Thornton playing at a remarkable level at the age of 38, it only makes sense for this team to screw it up once more and send the young and talented David Pastrnak to another team. If history repeats itself, then Bruins fans should expect some pucks and equipment in return for Pastrnak, which will be great for a team than currently sits in no man’s’ land in the shifting NHL landscape. My one request is that the organization pulls this trade off soon to avoid allowing the fans to get too attached to Pastrnak. Looking at the list of skilled forwards this organization has traded away previously, we all know exactly how this story ends.

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