Montreal Canadiens and Martin Reway

Martin Reway has been through a lot since being drafted in 2013. Going through a heart illness at the peak of his hockey career, he’s a feel-good story for sure. But, now that he’s cleared to play, there are higher expectations from the right-winger.

Fans, and Reway himself, expect to be on the Montreal Canadiens roster very soon. Can he match up to the NHL level? He definitely can.

Reway has proven throughout the different levels of hockey he has participated in, that he’s consistently on top. A quick recap of Reway’s stats can prove this: 42 goals and 70 assists in 90 QJMHL games, 21 points in 18 games at the World Juniors and 52 points in 48 games for HC Sparta Praha (Czech league).

Habs fans and Reway share a common goal of getting him on the roster, but Reway is willing to accept what the organization feels right. Even if that means being bumped to minors and playing in Laval.

Montreal needs offense more than ever, and Reway could give them that. He may say he’s ready, but if Montreal plays with his entry-level contract well, he could be better prepared. With that, although it would be ideal for him to jump right on the roster, he needs another transition year. The AHL would be his best option for the first year, and then he can jump up to the NHL in his second year during the contract.

If Reway performs well in Laval, there is that possibility of him being called up and play a game or two. For how young he is, he still has time that he really needs to grow. For now, we’ll all be keeping a close watch on how his career pans out over the next two years.

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