Las Vegas PD opens investigation into Michael Bennett incident

Las Vegas police are looking into an incident where Michael Bennett was placed in custody.  Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas police have opened an investigation into the Michael Bennett incident to determine whether there was wrongdoing in the handling of the Seattle Seahawks defender the night of the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight.

Bennett made headlines on Wednesday when he released a note on social media in which he detailed an event where he was handcuffed by police in Las Vegas on Aug. 26 and says excessive force was used against him. According to Bennett, one officer threatened to blow his f—ing head off. Bennett retained a civil rights attorney to potentially sue the police department.

Las Vegas Police Department undersheriff Kevin McMahill addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon in response to the matter.

McMahill explained that police were responding to a call coming from the Drai’s Nightcub inside The Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas. They were first told there was an assault and battery with a gun before later believing there was an active shooter inside the casino. McMahill says police had very little information about the shooter and the shooter’s location when they entered the casino.

Bennett apparently was seen crouched down behind a gaming machine as officers approached. The Seahawks defensive lineman then ran out of the casino and into traffic. McMahill says that due to information they had at the time, officers believed Bennett may have been involved in the shooting and gave chase. They handcuffed him in the street on Las Vegas Blvd. and detained him for 10 minutes.

Bennett apparently understood that police were looking for a shooter, but he expressed to them his issues with the force used and treatment from the officer who handcuffed him. Police later determined there were no shots fired.

As part of their investigation, LVPD is pulling footage from body cameras and more. They say they have at least 126 videos associated with the cameras that they will review. One video they will not have is a bodycam from the officer who handcuffed Bennett, who apparently did not have his bodycam activated.

McMahill promised that if they determine any policies or training was violated, the officers will be held accountable. McMahill also said he sees no evidence that race played any role in this incident.

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