Lakers legend compares Lonzo Ball to Magic Johnson

The expectations surrounding Lonzo Ball could not be much higher. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Basketball Hall of Famer James Worthy played and won multiple NBA titles with Magic Johnson in Los Angeles. He knows full well what the current Lakers president did for his team during the showtime era in Southern California.

In talking about the current state of the Lakers and No. 2 overall pick Lonzo Ball, Worthy had a ton of praise to throw the youngster’s way.

“I really like him (Ball) as a player. He’s extremely unselfish. He’s a team player. And he enhances everybody on the court,” Worthy said, via TMZ Sports. “We haven’t had someone with that type of talent, really, since Magic Johnson.”

The obvious first point: How in the heck did Worthy so casually gloss over Kobe Bryant’s tenure with the Lakers? Here’s a guy that led the Lakers to five NBA titles.

Nonetheless, the Ball hype appears to be real in Southern California. Whether he lives up to it like his outspoken father believes he will remains to be seen. But we can add Worthy to the cheering section at Staples Center this season. That’s for sure.

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