Harper talks to Little Leaguers about participation trophies

Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is an outspoken person no matter what the topic and no matter who the audience. If you want his blunt take on something, simply ask him and he’ll give it to you.

Such was the case on Saturday when Harper and his Nationals teammates met with Little Leaguers from around the Washington D.C. area prior to their game against the San Diego Pardes.

Included among Harper’s Q&A was an inquiry about participation trophies and whether or not all kids should receive them and take pride in them.

Simply put, the four-time All-Star and 2015 NL MVP thinks they’re a bunch of malarkey.

“As much as they might tell you, ‘Oh, it’s okay you guys lost,’ but no, Johnny, no. No participation trophies, okay. First place only,” Harper said.

Although Harper’s answer may offend some, those in the audience — parents and Little Leaguers alike — seem to be 100 percent on board with his answer. In fact, the reaction says it all.

The reality of sports is that athletes play to win the game. They don’t find solace in being second best and it’s an honest lesson for the kids to learn. Yes, some parents want Johnny to be recognized for merely showing up, but if the dream is to be a Major League ballplayer, that’s just not how it goes. If you’re not on the winning side, you’re not given an award for merely showing up.

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