Darren McFadden’s relatives injured in Little Rock shooting

Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden was born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas and went to the University of Arkansas. To this day, the 29-year-old still has family in Little Rock.

Over the weekend, tragedy struck Little Rock when shots were fired inside a club. Shortly after the incident occurred at the Power Ultra Lounge, McFadden rushed to the scene. The running back went to make sure his family members who were there were okay.

25 people total suffered gunshot wounds while three other people were injured as they tried to escape. According to ArkansasMatters.com, McFadden’s mom said three members of their family were injured. Other members of their family were possibly inside the club when the shooting occurred, but are okay.

McFadden released a statement about his appearance at the scene:

“The other night, while at home, I received a call from my nephew that there was a shooting at the club where he and some of my relatives were.  He told me that he got shot, many other people were shot, and that some of my relatives were among those shot.  Out of concern for all the people affected by this horrible tragedy, I went down to the scene to check on my relatives and to offer any help I could.

I appreciate all of the people who have reached out to check in on my family.  We all appreciate your kind words and prayers.  At this time, I am asking people to respect the privacy of family and their medical status.

Finally, I want to again send my thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the shooting.”

The statement was released after video emerged of McFadden at the scene after police had arrived.


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