Brad Ausmus rips Indians broadcasters for insinuating Tigers intentionally hit umpire

Brad mad! Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is not happy that the Cleveland Indians’ television broadcast implied that his team conspired to intentionally hit an umpire with a pitch.

In the third inning of Detroit’s 5-3 loss to Cleveland on Wednesday, Ausmus and catcher James McCann were both ejected by home plate umpire Quinn Walcott for arguing balls and strikes. Just a handful of pitches later, new Tigers catcher John Hicks failed to catch a Buck Farmer delivery and it hit Wolcott in the shoulder on the fly, knocking him down.

Most people felt that it was a simple cross-up involving a pitcher and catcher who had just been abruptly put together, but the Cleveland TV broadcast — and one writer — implied that something more sinister was going on.

Ausmus was furious that this was even a question after the game.

Farmer also defended himself on Twitter.

Given the rising tensions between umpires and players, everything is viewed suspiciously these days. Cross-ups between pitchers and catchers that sometimes result in umpires getting hit are not completely rare, and this looked like one of them.

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