2016, When the Balls Dropped

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Depending on your perspective, 2016 could range anywhere from the best year ever (being that the Chicago Cubs did something awesome), just another year, or the worst year in recorded history.  Whatever your views on politics or celebrities, I’ve chosen to focus on the positive and to look ahead to bigger and better things.  As we get closer to the midnight ball drop, let’s take a look at the balls that dropped (or were caught, as it were).

Arguably the most pivotal play of the year came when Jon Lester laid down a bunt to score the winning run in a ridiculous extra-innings affair against the Seattle Mariners:

This was the first in an 11-game winning streak that helped lock up the NL Central for the Cubs.  Along the way, there were some more balls that dropped, including those that were not playable:

Of course, there were some balls that could have dropped, but didn’t because of defense:

We are also grateful for more balls that dropped:

As 2017 approaches, and speaking of balls that dropped, let us be thankful for the youthful core of talented Cubs players, including but not limited to:

Baseball, as in real life, has few guarantees, but the Cubs franchise is as well-positioned as any to repeat their 2016 success in 2017.  It will be very difficult to match their absolute dominance from 2016, just from a statistical point of view, but the organic improvements from the young core will be something we can put our hopes on.

With the handful of hours left before the big ball drops to signal in the new year, I’m off to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary, so hope you all have a great celebration too!

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